Introducing Women’s Health Foundation

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Women’s Health Foundation wanted a short video for this year’s fundraiser which would feature all of their programs. Introducing…Women’s Health Foundation!

Produced, Directed, Edited: Rebecca Parrish / Camera: Rebecca Parrish / Production Sound: Yong Shu Ling / Post Production Sound: Andrew Allen / Additional Camera: Lesley Onsott, Big Thinking By The Hour, Lifetime


TV Serrana Trailers

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Interchange Productions partnered with Americas Media Initiative to craft engaging trailers promoting the US tour of the TV Serrana.

TV Serrana is a participatory media initiative of skilled video craftspeople collecting the voices and images of the farmers who inhabit the mountainous regions of far eastern Cuba, preserving the culture of these communities and connecting them to the broader cultural life of Cuba.


Documenting Documentary Impact

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Interchange Productins’ Rebecca Parrish filmed the Chicago scenes for this Working Films IMPACT video for the film Deep Down.

Chicago camera: Rebecca Parrish
Chicago sound: Yong Shu Ling
Editor: Jeremy Levine

From Working Films:
How do you make your documentary film resonate with local audiences and issues? How do you build a bridge between community activist groups and the movements in your film? Watch how Deep Down’s film team are bringing together grassroots leaders from Appalachia with community leaders from across the country engaged in similar struggles.

Deep Down’s protagonist Beverly May, co-director Jen Gilomen, and outreach director Lora Smith traveled to Chicago for an ITVS Community Cinema Screening partnered with members of the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO). The group toured the Little Village neighborhood, a community known as “The Midwest Mexico,” to learn about their struggle to fight the abuses of several toxic industries including two massive coal powered power plant that are poisoning their air and people. 

IMPACT is a series of videos created by Working Films and The Fledgling Fund focused on building film campaigns that ignite social change.

Blizzard time lapse featured on Chicagoist

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“There are a ton of time lapse videos out there of this week’s Blizzaster, but this short meditative film by Rebecca Parrish is our favorite thus far. What it lacks in thunder snow it more than makes up for in its intimacy.”
Chicagoist Friday Morning Diversion

Camera and editing: Rebecca Parrish
Music: David Waite Martinson “Heya Heya Heya Hi” from Bedroom Miniatures EP

Happy 2011!

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Original footage from Paramount’s Snow Foolin’ (1949)

Using your photographs to make an engaging video

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Interchange Productions worked with South Loop Neighbors to create this invitation to their 2010 Loft Walk from stills the client had already taken.  We used graphic text and up-beat electronic music to share SLN’s message and convey an up-beat urban feel.

Editing & Graphics: Rebecca Parrish

Creating a Casual Viewing Loop

•June 15, 2010 • Comments Off on Creating a Casual Viewing Loop

Ever wonder how to show videos at a booth in a crowded conference or in the background at a big fundraiser party?

The Casual Viewing Loop is your answer.  We created this piece for Women’s health foundation that can be shown with or without sound.  People passing by are drawn in by the dynamic movements and colors and immediately get a sense of what WHF does, no matter when they start watching.  When people stop to watch and/or listen they engage on a deeper level WHF and the Total Control Program.

Click here to see more of Interchange Productions’ work with the Women’s health Foundation

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